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Kamagra is a solution for the treatment of the male erectile dysfunction. It is a very popular and effective medication technique to be used by men. The dysfunction tends to effect men, both emotionally as well as physically. It is often referred to as the alternative to Viagra because of the multiple advantages as it is easily affordable, available in different dosages, tends to act fast and has an effect of close to 6 hours at least on an average. There is no denying the fact that Kamagra is a viable option than Viagra for its low cost but it too has its share of problems as poor quality and lack of proper guidance for using this drug are prevalent among the common masses.


How to use Kamagra

It is widely expected to use the medicine in 50 mg doses, further based on the tolerance and capacity, the dosage can be increased to 100 mg or so and it can be reduced to 25 mg or so and its effect is rapid in the first half an hour or so. First, it should be taken in an empty stomach with a glass full of water around 50-60 minutes before one plan to have sex. It should be remembered that men who use this have to be sexually stimulant to enjoy the erection. The effects of cheap kamagra are bound to last for 4-5 hours for people who want to enjoy sex. Before the intake of this drug, firsthand consultations of the doctor is required and notify him of the medications one is taking along with the cheap Kamagra. In short, Kamgra is a drug for overcoming impotence. Skipping of this dose is totally prohibited and it is recommended that in case of a miss of dosage it should be taken immediately.

Kamagra interaction

It is advisable to seek the opinion of the health care provider to find out the drugs that tend to be associated in combination with the drug. It is generally observed that Kamagra interacts with a lot of drugs. Notable among them are alcohol, medicines relating to treat high blood pressure, certain antibiotics, medicines to treat fungal infections and cimetidine too. Kamagra as a prescribed drug is easy to swallow and is available in different flavors and it is found to mix quickly with the blood vessels. In the modern era the interaction aspect should be cleared properly.

Kamagra precaution

In order to achieve the best possible results from kamagra, it is necessary to avoid fat meals as it significantly reduces the effect of the medicine on the body. While having the dosage of the medicine alcohol is too forbidden as the time gap for the medicine to have effect on the body is also widened. It is always advisable to take kamagra though with the consultation of the doctor as it is known to have certain generic side effects. Kamagra increases the blood flow level to the penis which is a normal phenomenon when a person is sexually stimulated. With more blood flowing in that out it leads to the stimulation of arteries. Kamagra is totally prohibited for use in individuals having a high rate of heart problems. Lot of minor hiccups tends to be associated with the dosage of the drug so a vital clog in the wheel would be to talk to a health care expert before the prescribed usage of the drug in any denomination. Kamagra taken in the wrong way will cause more damage than good. It is also recommended not to share this medicine with other users and not to use the expired products. For men older than 65 years it should be totally avoided.

Side effects of Kamagra

Some of the most common effects of Kamagra are headache, nasal congestion, and blurred as well as impaired vision. In addition to this on a serious note, the effects would be hypotension, stroke and heart attack. Care should be taken in case of patients for the potential exhibitor of HIV along with the constant use of sildenafil may lead to increased blood pressure but can be avoided if used four hours apart. In addition to this there are certain other side effects mainly which are decreased liver function, hypotension and stroke which we have already mentioned earlier. In addition to this, there is derailment of renal functions as well as presence of certain renal disorders.

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